Voting Rights

votingWho gets a vote in your life? Part of my Bible Impact reading this morning was about a deadly vote. Moses allowed the people to vote on the next step they should take on their journey to the Promised Land. This vote led to the decision to send out the spies (see Deuteronomy 1:22), which ended up in a death filled, joy robbing 40 year jaunt around the desert.
Who do you allow to vote about the choices you make – someone in your past or are they currently in your life? If Moses had only let God vote, the people would have enjoyed the largest juiciest grapes they had ever tasted.
This is why a healthy believer lives with a biblical worldview – listening to and following Jesus everyday everywhere. A healthy believer uses their biblical tools to screen out the voices/voters so they can hear from Jesus.
We all have decisions to make everyday, which leads to a vote. Should I do A or B? Who has voting rights in your life? Use your FREEdom process to listen to the only vote that should count – Jesus’.
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