What’s Behind Your Gates?

gate without fenceI was walking on a dirt road along a fence line when I came across a very securely locked gate. You might be saying, “What’s the big deal about a gate along a country road?” The fence stopped at the gate! Whatever these people were hoping to secure behind that gate was totally lost on the fact that you could simply walk around it.
This scene reminded me of many believers today. We think we have areas of our lives securely locked away where God cannot go. Not only can’t we hide from God, but we can’t hide from our enemy either as he helped us build those defensive mechanisms! Our enemy wants those “secrets” kept behind those “securely locked gates” so he can exploit them anytime he sees fit (aka dragging us to our drugs of choice)!
Please, don’t live under the delusion that any area of your life – past or present – is off limits to God. As God wants us to demolish those strongholds (2 Cor. 10:4), out of His great love for us, He will expose those areas of our lives one area at a time so we can deal with them and experience victory.
Jesus knows what’s behind all your locked gates and still says, “I love and accept you.” It’s time to time to trust Him by using your biblical tools to remove those strongholds as the Spirit shines the light of truth on what’s behind your gates.
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