Speaking into Your Life

speak into lifeThe responses I received from “More Water!” greatly illustrated the walk with believers principle. After I wrote about my peach tree dropping unripened peaches, many told me they could have saved me the heartache of a failed peach harvest if they had only known about it.
We need the Word of God to expose the lies in our thinking and give us the necessary truths to replace them with. However, God will use other believers in this process as well. If we want to see the Spirit expose our failed character and exchange it with Christ’s eternal character, we will not only have to share our challenges with other believers, but we must also give them the right to speak into our lives.
If I had shared about my failed peach harvest last year, I could have had a wonderful peach harvest this year. Who are you letting observe and speak into your life? If you can’t name anyone by name, you’ll end up with another failed harvest of the good stuff Jesus offers those who listen to and follow Him. It’s time to believe in the truth of James 5:16.
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