Be You, But Let God

be you but let GodDiscouragement. We all face it. We’ve all been defeated by it. Through our enemy’s lie, it’s used to get us to turn our backs on God, even for the slightest instant, to take our drugs of choice – that sinful repeated habit.
One mode of discouragement is comparison. “I’m not as good as so-and-so. I wish I could do such-and-such like them.” What a lie these are.
One truth-at-the-point-of-the-lie passage is a personalized Ephesians 2:10. “For I am God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which He prepared in advance for me to do.”
God created me, not me. He chose what talents and abilities I would have, not me. Yes those talents and abilities must developed; but, improvements can only start on the raw talent given by Him. He made me, me, not me. And guess what? This is good stuff! God didn’t create a piece of junk as I’m created in Christ Jesus. So unless Jesus is junk, let’s stop letting the evil one try to make us think we’re junk when in reality we’re made in the image of God!
Yes, He made me, me. But He created and prepared me for a specific purpose. I can be successful only as I surrender to Him and His, not my, purpose for my life. Not the purpose He has for others, but the one He has for me.
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I must become comfortable in the skin He gave me. I must let Him develop, use and empower those talents and abilities for His glory. I can stop comparing myself with others only as I apply these truths. When you’re weak, He can be strong for you. You better have a personalized version of Ephesians 2:10 in your shield of faith. As only it will extinguish that dart of discouragement when your enemy attacks.
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One thought on “Be You, But Let God

  1. I’ve kept this in my inbox since I received it, read it and plan on keeping it my inbox as a reminder. Being discouraged is a big struggle for me right now. I push forward, but I am so tired.
    Thank you for all that you do. To take us back to the Word for His encouragement and reminding us of how He sees us.

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