Time for Change

Time to change“People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.”
If we’re honest, we like the benefits of change – earning more money, upgrading our electronic gizmos, downgrading the size of our clothes, etc. The part we don’t like is what it takes to get those results – effort to deal with our pasts and to process life in the present. Personal change is both uncomfortable and time consuming.
Yet, this is what being a follower of Jesus Christ is all about – change. Jesus isn’t adding Himself to us. He is replacing our character with His. He knows this type of eternal change will bring His followers everything they’re truly looking for in life – love, significance and security.
Yes, change is a process as it takes time to retrain your brain. The question is, “Will you trust Jesus that it’s in your best interests to surrender an area of your life to His life-changing process when He asks us for it?” It’s time to let Him change your life from the inside-out if you want the “abundant life” rather than the defeated life. It’s time, today, right now, to pick up and use your biblical tools.
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