The Predictable Known

Working the MachineIt’s been said, “Known routines, though painful, are at least known.” There’s never been a truer statement. We know our way doesn’t work, but at least we know what the outcome will be, however painful and disappointing. We’ve become comfortable and willing to put up with this known outcome.
This is where love comes into play as secure children of God. If we love Jesus, He is asking us to trust that He not only has a better life for us, but as God can deliver it as well. I’m not talking about the cliché Jesus, the Christian tradition Jesus or even the one you may have seen in your church experience. I’m talking about the Jesus of Scripture, the Jesus who died and rose from the grave to prove He could deliver on all His promises to all children of God.
This Jesus is asking you to trust Him by using your biblical tools to cut through all the voices telling you to stay in your unfulfilling predictable known lifestyle to venture out and listen to and follow Him to a life filled with love, significance and security. Jesus indeed has something better for you to experience – more of Him. Today is the day to venture out of the comfortable known to become more like Him using your biblical tools. Your new known will be much more fulfilling than your current one.
“Set Free Nowww”

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