Sure Footing

rock solidOn my prayer walk yesterday I climbed a rather steep hill. On the way up I was on a path that followed the power lines. It was quite sandy in some places so I picked my steps very carefully. Stepping in the wrong place would have landed me on my bottom and quite possibly lower down the hill. I certainly didn’t want to climb the hill twice!
I saw a different path to take on the way down that had plenty of rocks. It was not always easy on the feet, but stepping on them gave me solid footing so I could successfully make it downhill standing up.
Jesus is our Rock. He gives us the sure footing we need so we won’t go tumbling through life. Will it be easy? Not always, but it sure beats slipping and sliding through life on our rear ends! Ask Jesus to give you the truths you’ll need from your BIG reading to put into your shield of faith to know how to step through today victoriously.
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