Tiny Can Be Huge

tiny hugeSmall things can become big things. We often think the “good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” are only the big things like leading people to Jesus, being part of the worship team or teaching a Bible Study. Where does this thought come from? Yes, they can be. But what about the “little” good works He is asking us to do each day? The following story illustrations this point.
A cashier turns off the light above her register as she is about to end her shift for the night after she finishes with her last customer. In this case, it was a young couple in their early 20’s with a small child.
As she was scanning this couple’s items, a gentleman walks up with a few items asking her if she is closed. She could have said yes, but for some reason didn’t. As the gentleman puts his items on the counter, one credit card after another that the young couple puts forth to pay for their groceries is denied. Realizing they don’t have enough cash to pay for their groceries, they start pulling items out of their grocery bags in hopes of lowering the total to match their cash.
Noticing their dilemma, the gentleman, without the couple’s knowledge, swipes his credit card for them. As the cashier hands them their receipt, the young wife tears up and thanks the kind man for his generosity while her husband can’t stop shaking his hand.
Question, who did the “good work” that God prepared for them to do at that moment? We often think it was only the gentleman who paid for the groceries. But if the cashier hadn’t let him in line, though she had every right not to do so, he would have never been in position to pay for those groceries.
This is the essence of listening to and following Jesus everyday everywhere. We can do the good works, which He prepared for us to do, at the exact moment they are needed only as we use our biblical tools to hear His voice throughout our day. It seemed like a little thing at the time, but it was huge in the end. Five people saw Jesus in the flesh that day because of her act. Tiny things when done in response to Jesus can indeed become huge!
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