You Need a Helicopter

helicopterRecently a terrible motorcycle accident took place in our city. People at the scene thought they saw an additional rider on the back of the bike. The local sheriff brought in a helicopter to search the surrounding area for this “missing” person. The pilots would definitely be able to see something from the air that the those on the ground couldn’t. Praise God, this “missing” person was not real. It was simply bad info by those who “saw” the accident.
It’s interesting how many believers try to live each day in the presence of their God all by themselves. How arrogant! Can they really see everything? Know everything? No, they can’t. They are on like the first responders on the ground who couldn’t find this “missing” person, who was never even there. You can only make your decisions to follow Jesus or yourself based on the information you currently have. Yet, what if your information is inaccurate?
We can’t walk alone or need accountability partners. We need fellow believers who are processing each day through the Word of God for themselves and are willing to tell us the truth in love by pointing out the lies in our thinking. They are like the helicopter. They will be able to hear and repeat back to us what we’re so used to saying to ourselves that we don’t even realize is wrong. Who’s your helicopter? I encourage you to ask the Spirit to bring you a Bible Impact partner, one who will practice walking in the presence of God with you.
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