Build not Destroy

buildIt’s been said, “It is easier to destroy than to build.” We all know this to be true, yet we do it to ourselves anyways. We can be our own worst enemies by how we talk to ourselves.
“I’m stupid. I’m ugly. I’m alone. I can’t do anything right.” The list could be longer of course, but why give you any more ammo. You already know the lie-filled broken tapes you play. These beat-me-up sessions are not only destructive, but they lead us down the path to our drug of choice.
In order to experience victory instead of defeat, let’s change the way we talk to ourselves. Here’s a simple exercise. Make a note, either write it on paper or type it into any electronic device, of all the adjectives you use to describe yourself, especially the ones after you say, “I am….” Circle in red all the adjectives or phrases that are either temporary or a lie. Put a red line through all of them. Then focus on and repeat to yourself the truths that remain or ask the Spirit to give you new truths to focus on during the battles you’re currently facing.
Believe me this works! I’ve done it. Here’s one the Spirit’s given me, “I’m a significantly secure child of God.” This truth is doing its job in my life as it helps me fight a battle I’m facing. Whether you build or destroy will depend on you and what you focus on.
“S”et Free Nowww

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