Relax Your Neck

bow headKing Hezekiah, from the very beginning of his reign, challenged his people to learn from history (2 Chron. 29). His countrymen’s fathers turned their back on God; ceased worshiping Him by shutting down the Temple; and, stopped living His way by copying the lifestyles of the nations around them. Because of this, their forefathers were killed and enslaved by those nations, rather than ruling over them.
God, in His great love, sent messenger after messenger to get them to turn back to Him. But they wouldn’t listen as they were what the Bible calls “stiff necked.” They would not bow their head in surrender to Him.
Are you making excuses as to why you can’t get into and listen to Jesus through the Bible? Stiff necked. Are you even attempting to listen to and follow Jesus everyday everywhere? Stiff-necked.
Your God loves you. It’s much more pleasant to bow your head without the pressure rather than it is with it. Trust me. I know from experience. Relax your neck and learn from your past (fail forward) rather than repeat it. Relax your neck and you’ll rule rather than be ruled. You’ll be victorious rather than defeated.
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