Going Digging

dig inBecause we’ve been doing certain behaviors so long we’ve more than likely forgotten where the lie got into our thinking. To expose and exchange that lie with the truth, we must be willing to let the Spirit of God shine the light of truth into our lives so we can dig up the skeletons we had forgotten were there or had hoped to remain hidden.
It doesn’t matter how shallow or deep those skeletons are either. They are the reasons we continue to repeat the behaviors that are destroying our freedom and keeping us apart from Jesus, the source of all the good stuff.
It’s going to take Spirit led courage to start digging if you’re going experience the joy of on going freedom. Jesus has given you the shovel of security no matter what is found. The Spirit will give you the power to dig up only what needs to be exposed today. Therefore, the only question that remains is, “Are you going digging?” Start today. You’ll be rejoicing when you’re done.
Set Fr“E”e Nowww

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