Right Person Right Job

RightFit-SelectionI was reading a book on leadership when I came across a statement that moved me to write this entry. The author said, “Great people do great things in the right jobs.” Conversely, when the right person is put in the wrong job they fail. And what do we want to do when we fail? You got it. We want our drug of choice.
In today’s BIG reading I read, “The LORD is with you when you are with Him. If you seek Him, He will be found by you.” Are you seeking Him about what you do everyday everywhere or is what you’re doing because of what other people expect of you?
If you do what others want done, you could be the right person for the wrong job; thus setting yourself up for failure, which can lead you down the path to your drug of choice.
You are a secure child of God who is supposed to seek Jesus in everything you think, say and do. He says that as we seek Him, He will be found. Let Jesus, not others, show you the job He has for you; thus, great people do great things in the right job, which can only make you feel great!
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