Keep Filtering

keep filteringI recently received the following saying in an email. Filter it using your biblical tools. I did. See if we come up with the same result. Ready? Here goes.
“Let your dreams be bigger than your Fears, Your actions louder than your Words, and Your faith stronger than your Feelings.”
This is exactly as it was written except for the nice colorful background going from light red on the left to orange and then yellow on the right of the screen.
Here is what came out my filter. The focus is not right as it focuses on the problems rather than the solutions. It should have enlarged and bolded Dreams, Actions and Faith, which are the solutions to our challenges, which are fears, words and feelings. We become what we focus on and what we focus on only gets bigger.
Are you focusing on the problems, your challenges, which only get bigger over time, or the solutions, your Savior – the One who tells you who you are and what you can become (Dream), the One who gives you the strength to head that direction (Actions), and finally, the One who is the foundation and perfecter of your faith to keep you going even when the winds of life blow hard against you.
Filter life everyday everywhere so you can keep listening to and following Jesus, the One who brings victory!
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