Same Thinking Same Results

same old same oldI usually take a certain path for my prayer walk. I know it’s distance and how long it will take to cover that distance. Knowing this, I can plan my daily schedule, which is a good thing.
It also keeps me in control, which is a not so good thing. Routines keep me in control, which means I don’t need God, the source of the good stuff.
So here’s the problem with routines when it comes to our walks with Jesus. We’re never going to change or become more like Jesus until something changes – like our thinking. The same thinking will result in the same behaviors. Just like taking the same path will give the same results as the previous walks – same time and distance.
A friend told me, “Nothing changes until something changes.” It starts with our thinking and our wills when it comes to being more like Jesus. Will we choose to think differently? If not, we’ll only experience the same results. How’s that working for you? If you want to experience the “abundant life” Jesus came to give you it’s time to let the Spirit of God use the Word of God to exchange your old thinking with something new.
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