Praising for the Good Choices

good choicesI was able to have an early morning board meeting with my Lord today, literally. The water was about 66 degrees and the waves were 1-3’. The Lord and I had great conversations between rides, some of which were great, while others were mediocre and a few were downright awful. Was this a good day because of good rides or a bad day because of the awful ones?
We make good choices and bad choices each day on our journey to listen to and follow Jesus everyday everywhere. Is it a good because of the good choices or a bad one because of the bad ones? If we focus only on the bad ones, we’ll be more apt to take our drugs of choice. If we praise Jesus for the good choices we made in His power and ask forgiveness and learn from the bad ones, greater victory will be had.
Make sure this truth is firmly in your shield of faith: Jesus is the author and perfecter of your faith. He’ll get the job done so relax and spend more time praising your Jesus and less time beating yourself up. You’ll become more like Jesus as you do.
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