What Are You Storing?

brain storageI recently walked by a local storage lot and noticed what some people pay good money to store. You’d be quite surprised by what I found. I saw some very nice looking RV’s and cars, while at the same time I noticed broken down boats and cars that needed a lot of TLC.
What thoughts are you storing in your mind – valuable truths or broken down lies? Being in the Word of God and allowing the Spirit of God to shed light on what’s stored in your brain is a crucial freedom principle. Once He exposes them, it becomes your choice to either keep the lies or filter them out.
There is freedom in choice, but not in consequence. Don’t be fooled. You will pay a price for leaving them there! Those lies will come out in the behaviors you choose. Don’t let the enemy of your freedom store his garbage in your head free or otherwise.
Use your biblical tools to let only the Spirit store God’s truths in your mind, which when listened to and followed will lead to the good stuff – being more like Jesus.
Set Free Nowww

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