Faith Eyes

boulderWhat do you see? Hopefully you see a water source. Water? Yup, water. “Okay, Chris, you must be having a bad day because your eyesight is all out of whack. It’s a desert scene, not an oasis.”
No, my eyesight is 20/20 when I’m looking at this scene through faith eyes. God took the Israelites by way of a desert on their way home to the Promised Land. There were no gushing water sources to quench their thirst from the hot dry desert sun. No standing fields of grain to satisfy their hunger as they walked along the sandy paths.
The Israelites saw nothing but sand and sun and then turned to their drug of choice – whining and wanting to go back to slavery. What happens when you look at life through your own eyes? You end up taking your drugs of choice as well.
What if you started looking at life through your Savior’s eyes and not yours? This opens up the possibilities that your God would quench your thirst by providing water from a good sized boulder and your hunger by turning morning dew into manna.
This is the essence of living with a biblical worldview. We look at life through the filter of God’s Word, which reveals who God is and what He can He do. These become life’s possibilities … if we are willing to listen to and follow Him everyday everywhere, including our desert days.
God is asking His children to look at life through His eyes and then believe what He can do. And maybe, just maybe, we might exercise the truth and experience the victory – peace, contentment, fulfillment, love – He has for us in that situation.
Decide today to view life through faith eyes. Victory is around the corner when you do.
S“E”t Fre“E” Nowww

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