My Daddy’s Not Here

daddy's handYesterday at Service I offered one of our pastor’s children a donut. They gave me a great answer, “I can’t. My daddy’s not here.”
After talking with their dad I realized what had happened. He told me he was trying to teach his child to be selective in what they ate. This particular child eats anything and everything. He had the same challenge, which in the end caused his weight to skyrocket. He didn’t want this for his child so he was teaching them how to use a biblical filter at an early age.
His solution? His child, for a season, had to clear what they ate through him. Some might call this being a little controlling. I call it great parenting. He sees a potential dangerous mindset developing (i.e. a future drug of choice) and is saving his child from a lot of heartache later by giving them the biblical tools to think through a situation now.
This father is teaching his child from a very early age how to listen to and follow Jesus everyday everywhere. This is how Jesus lived. If He cleared everything He did through His Dad, shouldn’t we? We’d save ourselves a lot of heartache if we only did.
Set F“R”ee Nowww

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