Leaky Boxes

leaky box“My box is leaking!” is what I heard someone say the other day. I kept on listening as I was intrigued as to what it meant.
This person was looking for fulfillment in life and was doing activities they thought would bring it. They described the process as putting water into a box. Each time they checked something off their to-do list, they were pouring water into the box hoping to feel fulfilled. Yet, no matter how much water they put into the box, it never filled. They kept pouring water in, but they were only left feeling empty and frustrated.
They saw the problem only after examining their box. It had sprung a good sized leak! The water was going out almost as fast as they were putting it in. Fulfillment, a major need for every human being, was always out of this person’s reach.
This is what is meant by the phrase, “Is it working for you?” Our drugs of choice, in this case accomplishing tasks, will never satisfy. This person, once they examined the leak, realized the hole was caused by their avoidance of what Jesus had asked them to do.
Jesus was asking for their daily schedule. He wanted to pick what got done and in what order it got done. As this person began listening to and following Jesus, the water started rising with each task Jesus had them do, resulting in immediate fulfillment.
Want to know something funny? Some of the tasks being done now were the same as the ones they were doing before! The difference was that they were now listening to and following Jesus rather than themselves.
Is your way of thinking and living working? If not, it’s time to ask the Spirit of God to show you where your leak is. And oh by the way, the Spirit can use a good friend in a Bible Impact Group to help you see the leaks a whole lot faster!
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