Praise Jesus for the Success

successA friend of mine gave me a definition of success that was quite unique. They said, “Success is the distance between failures.” This is simply another way of saying we’re to fail forward.
If you fell to your drug of choice on Day 1, got up and walked with Jesus using your biblical tools Days 2-4, but fell again on Day 5, what will you focus on, your successful faith choices or your disappointing failure choice? Remember this: you become what you focus on and what you focus on only gets bigger.
You should be praising God for the successes of Days 2-4 and learning from the failure on Day 5. This way you can lengthen the days of success between failures, which increases your Jesus praises!
One day will be completely be like Jesus. Until then, praise Jesus each day of successful choices, which will increase in number as you learn to keep in step with the Spirit.
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