Prepared to Praise

praise the LordA friend of mine asked me today how I had lost so much weight. I said I don’t diet anymore. It’s really been about changing my eating lifestyle. Where is Jesus in that? No where. Bad me.
Yet, where did I get the biblical tools that helped me process life when I felt like eating like I used to – the seefood diet. I see it. I eat it. The Word of God. Who gave me the strength to pick up those tools when I was staring at a jar full of candy? The Spirit of God. Who gave me the ability to process my eating using those biblical tools to change my eating habits? Jesus. Therefore, who is the one who gave me the victory each step of the way? Jesus.
It’s easy to praise God when you see Him change other people’s lives or when you see an on the spot miracle in your own life. But what happens when it’s one faith step after another faith step that brings you closer to Jesus? It’s harder to see, but it’s still Jesus who was there every step of the way giving you victory over your drugs of choice.
The biblical life-changing tools come from the Word of God, without which there is very little hope for life-change. The power to pick them up comes from the Spirit of God, without Whom those tools stay in your tool belt. And the faith to exercise the truths when I don’t feel like it comes from Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith. Therefore, when victory comes all credit and praise should go to Jesus, not any eating program or my will-power to exercise that program.
It didn’t this morning. Yet, I’ve since asked His forgiveness for not giving Him the credit. I am declaring His praise to you now. Jesus thanks for the victory!
As you give Him credit with every faith step you take you’ll be prepared with the right answer to the question, “How did you lose so much weight?” And you’ll say, “I’m glad you asked. Jesus gave me the faith and strength every step of the way. I praise Him for the victory.”
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