Put on Your Glasses

blurI remember playing baseball in high school. I also remember the day I put on my first pair of glasses. Wow, I didn’t realize that is what a thrown baseball looked like! Before what I thought was clear was actually fuzzy. Before I thought everyone saw the baseball like I did. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Now I was actually seeing what everyone else saw – a distinct rotating sphere of speed.
We believe what we’re thinking is sharp and clear. We make decisions based upon those “sharp and clear” thoughts as well. What if, however, what we’re seeing is fuzzy? This is why we need to be listening to Jesus in the Word of God. He and the Word are like my glasses. They expose that our thinking is not as sharp as it should be.
Jesus said, “I am the Way and the Truth.” He leaves no room for fuzziness with that statement. He is making a clear distinction between my way and His and our culture’s fuzzy definition of truth and His very clear and sharp definition.
The sharper image of truth, the more specific truths we put into our shields of faith, the more distinct our thoughts will be, which leads to a greater ability to defeat our enemy’s lies and experience victory over our drugs of choice. We’ve got to daily put on our glasses, the Word of God, if we want to experience the good stuff of the Life Jesus promised.
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