Seeing Through Deception

seeing through deceptionIt’s called Black Friday here in the States. It’s supposed to be the biggest retail savings days of the year. On this Friday, some retail stores will offer absurdly low prices on a few items to get you into their store. They want your hard earned “holiday” cash in their pockets.
You’ll see two prices for the item you want when you arrive, the full price and the marked down price. Your eye sees the difference and your brain goes, “Awesome deal! Let’s buy it now because this deal won’t be here tomorrow.” What some stores are doing, however, is repeating a deal they’ve already given earlier in the year or is their current online price. In other words, they are trying to deceive you into thinking you’re getting a good deal only on this day so you better get in line and buy it…now.
Your brain makes the decision based upon the information it received through your eyes. Yet, what you saw is not the great deal you thought you saw! This is where we must slow down to listen and follow Jesus everyday everywhere. The Spirit gives us an extra set of eyes to see through this deceptive scheme called discernment.
It works with all kinds of deception, especially with our drugs of choice. The Spirit gives us the ability to “see” through our wants and “needs,” which can lead us to our drugs of choice, to see Jesus, the only One who can meet our true needs for security, significance and safety.
Keep your eyes on Jesus this holiday season. He can not only save you some cash, but you give you victory as well.
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