Now More Than Ever

father knows bestWe made plenty of yummy treats for the Christmas holidays, which included my all time favorite peanut butter balls. I can even see them as I’m typing this entry. No, I’m not drooling, but close. (Lol) On top of all this yumminess, I received my favorite candy bar in my bag of goodies from my wife, which was in addition to the box of Sees Candies I received yesterday from the newest member of our family.
So this morning, as I was on my way out to my first discipleship appointment of the day, I saw all these “tempting” items on our kitchen counter staring up at me. If you’ve read my book or heard my story, you know that sweets were/are one of my drugs of choice.
To God’s praise and glory, I’ve seen Him change my life in this area. Using my biblical tools, I could stare back at those treats and say, “Thank you Jesus that You taste so much sweeter and are less fattening than all those treats staring up at me!” In His power I was able to walk out the door to my appointment without popping anything into my mouth.
The Spirit given biblical tools work to get us free and to keep us free. The moment we decide that we’re strong, we need to realize that we’re weak without Jesus. If you and I don’t continually pick up our tools each and every day, whether we’re at home or out and about, we can easily slip back into the old thinking and fall to gorging ourselves on all those delectable treats.
We need our tools now more than ever. We’re more susceptible to falling to our drugs of choice during the Christmas/New Year season because most of us are out of our normal routines. Therefore, I greatly encourage you to keep picking them up and using them through the Spirit’s power to continually walk in victory, no matter how your day unfolds.
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