Puddles on Your Path

puddles on the path“Man, I’m not going that way” is what I thought as I did an about face. It had rained rather heavily yesterday leaving all the dirt roads around my house full of mud and puddles of water. After seeing one particular puddle filled street, I decided to walk only on paved roads.
This strategy could only take me so far. There are only so many paved streets where I can walk to and from my house. So here I am having a good time with the Lord, when I see it. The last road home is 90% paved and wouldn’t you know it, the 10% was filled with good sized ankle deep puddles. This would be no problem if had the right tools with me, like a set of rubber boots, which I didn’t. I was wearing my cross training shoes as it was my intention to stay on the pavement. Fortunately for me I was able to navigate around them on “dry” ground.
Life is like this walk. I avoided taking the hill path because I knew there would be mud everywhere. Thus, I decided to stay on the pavement where I thought I would be on firm dry ground the entire way. My best intentions and planning were for not as sometimes life happens. This is why it is essential that we listen to and follow Jesus everyday everywhere. We must carry and be ready to use our biblical tools at all times. You never know what life or your enemy will put in your way.
If you want to walk around in soggy shoes or go backwards, leave your tools at home. If you want to keep going forward be ready to practice using them throughout your day.

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