Doubting Time is Praising Time

praise in doubtWe will turn to Jesus to meet our needs when we realize we’re secure children of God. Yet, how often do we run to our drugs of choice because we can’t see how He is going to meet those needs?
You gotta love the realness of Scripture. The Israelites are hungry for more than the daily bread God’s been giving them. They want meat. Moses turns to the Lord for help as he should have, who tells Moses He’ll provide meat for the entire nation for month! At last count, there were a million plus Israelis in the camp.
Moses reaction? He turned to his drug of choice, complaining and doubting. He basically said, “You gotta be kidding, God! That just isn’t possible.” Wait a second Moses, didn’t the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob just defeat the world’s superpower? Didn’t your God just get you out of a tough jam in Egypt without any help from you or anyone else? Didn’t this same God provide thousands upon thousands of gallons of fresh pure drinking water from a rock? Come on Moses, you’re forgetting what your God did for you in the past. Isn’t He fully capable of doing it again and more?
I love God’s response. He is the ultimate outside the box thinker and provider. He feed the entire nation using birds blown in from the sea! In fact, there were enough birds to cover the ground 3 feet deep for miles in all directions from the camp.
Our God can and will provide for the needs of His children, including you. Our God will come through in ways we could never even think of dreaming as well. Stop putting Him in a box and start praising Him when you begin to doubt. Praise Him for what He has done in your life. Praise Him for how He’s going to do it again today, maybe even in a fresh new way. It’s very difficult to take your drug of choice when you’re praising!
“S”et Free Nowww

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