Purposeful Deception

imageIt’s all about telling a story through planned deception, which is another way of saying making a movie. Someone wants to tell a story; and to do so using the medium of film, they must purposefully use deception.
The movies about astronauts floating in space are not shot in space. It’s simply not possible nor feasible to shoot the movie in actual outer space, so they do it on a movie set using various movie making tricks.
Our enemy is a great film maker, who also tells a story through deception. He wants to make you think you’ll be happy by living your life using his worldview. And he’s using every means at his disposal to get you to believe his message is true when in reality it’s as far from the truth as the earth is from the sun.
We can make all the excuses we want for not reading the Word while listening to Jesus, but we do so at the peril of being deceived and defeated. Every day we choose not to be in and with the Word, we’ll have a harder time seeing through the deception of the avalanche of messages we hear throughout our day.
Commit today to listening to Jesus in His Word by downloading the Read the Bible in a year schedule and getting started. Jesus will give you specific truths to not only see through the deception, but to successfully live in the real world you face each day you’re on this planet.
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