Keep Pumping by Faith

Water Pump“When will you ever learn,” thought the farmer to himself. He’d seen people come and pump the handle on his well only to stop before water came out. Once again, he’d have to teach these people a lesson.
“This well is a deep one as the sweet water is a good ways down. You’re going to have to keep pumping until the water comes out. If you quit after only a few pumps, you’ll never get a drink as the water that was coming to the surface only goes back down when you stop pumping the handle. So, if you’re only going to pump for a little while, you might as well not pump at all. If you want a drink of that sweet water, however, you must trust there’s water in the well and that by continually pumping the handle it will come to the surface.”
We can learn from this farmer. We all want our lives changed yesterday. And, I’ll bet we want it with as little effort as possible as well. It doesn’t happen that way if God chooses to use His normal method of change rather than a miracle. This process will take faith on our part. Faith in God’s Word there’s sweet water, life-change, coming. Faith that pumping that handle, living His way, will bring the water up. And faith in the Spirit to strengthen us as we keep pumping that handle, exercising the truth.
If you need faith, ask for it…today. If you’ve got it, keep pumping by faith. Sweet water, life change, is coming!
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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