Steam Thinking

steam thinking“Oh, how that hurts so good!” is something my mom would say to us kids when we stubbed our toe, hit that funny bone or had a small “owee”. We’d usually shake it off and keep playing.
“You’re thinking so hard steam’s coming out your ears” is something we’d say when someone actually used their brain to think through an issue. As one friend says, “Are you reasoning through or responding to your situation?”
Healthy Jesus believers realize that both revelation and reason go hand in hand. We do not check our brains at the door when we leave our houses each morning. Instead, we use them to reason through life’s daily situations using the Scriptures we’ve put into our shield of faith, which is a real defensive weapon when we’ve put specific lie defeating truths into it.
Having to think through an issue using Scripture will cause steam thinking! Your brain will be strained as you critically think through a situation using specific truths the Spirit’s given you in your Bible reading to filter out the lies you hear to stay focused on the truths that bring you victory over your drugs of choice (aka our way of handling life).
Use each day to practice using your Set Free Nowww principles. It will cause some steam thinking that will hurt so good as you continue to enjoy your day with Jesus!
S“E”t Free Nowww

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