Not So Smart

not smart“Oh what a stupid head” is what we as kids would say to each other when we did something rather, well, stupid. It’s those moments we knew we engaged long before we ever had a clear thought of what we were doing.
I believe the angels more than likely said this to each other as they were heading towards earth in response to their attempt to dislodge God from His throne. Adam and Eve probably said it as they were getting the boot from the garden in their attempt to become like God.
The each thought they knew better or were stronger than God even though they saw Him! Pretty dumb thinking, right? We have that same power to be stupid because of our own free will. Whenever we don’t slow life down and ask, “Jesus what do You want done here?” Or whenever we go full bore into something without asking for the Spirit’s power, we are being rather, well, stupid.
This is part of the reason Jesus came to save us…from our own stupid decision making processes. Because of Jesus, we have the power to be pretty smart by slowing life down, listening to Him and then making the decision to follow Him. Because of Jesus, the Spirit lives inside us to give us the strength to follow through on that decision. This exercise of our freewill is quite a smart move. It’s time to choose to pick up and use your biblical tools everyday everywhere to make the smart choices.
Set “FREE” Nowww

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