Sweet Music

telephone lines“Wow, the wind sure is blowing today.” I was thinking this as I was on my prayer walk this morning. The wind was blowing strong enough for tumbleweeds and topsoil to zip past me at a pretty good clip.
Then I heard it. It sounded like a cellist lightly playing on their strings. I knew it couldn’t be. There simply was no way I could hear someone playing their cello from the nearby housing track through all the wind. That’s when I looked up. It was the heavy winds causing the overhead power lines to hum. The music it was making was quite pleasing.
Then I heard God say, “Without the wind, those power lines are nothing special to either look at or hear. Yet with wind they become something special. Without the Spirit empowering you, Chris, you’re nothing special. You need to continually stay surrendered to Me.”
So today, before I start any new task I’m going to say a little prayer, “Spirit, empower me to do this next activity for Jesus.” I’ll also be ready to repeat that prayer in the middle of that activity for without Him working through me, my life can’t be changed or make sweet music for those around me to hear. Hopefully, you’ll join me in that prayer.
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