Become a Firebreak

fire breakI was on a prayer walk at The Oaks Retreat Center when I came upon vast tracts of land burned by a fire. On this walk I also saw what a good fire road or break can do as well.
If you look closely on the right side of the photo (to the left of my shadow) you will see the charred base of a small shrub. Yet across the road the landscape shows no signs of fire damage whatsoever. It was the road and a lot of help from firefighters that not only saved the animal habit to the left, but the retreat center that is just a short distance from here.
As the firefighters used the road as a firebreak to keep the fire from causing further damage, Jesus wants to use you and me as a firebreak to keep the fires of life from similarly destroying the lives of those around us.
People’s lives are being destroyed by life; and yet, they are hesitant to turn to Jesus. Part of the reason is that they are without firebreaks in their lives. They watch believers in Jesus being destroyed by the same flames at the same speed as it’s destroying theirs.
Choose to be that firebreak! Allow the Spirit to change your life by picking up and using your biblical tools each day. It’s a win:win situation. Your life gets better and at the same time you become living proof that Jesus can make their lives better as well.
Each one can reach one for Jesus as they watch Jesus, the ultimate firefighter, change their life. Don’t settle for the slow burn. Become a firebreak by listening to and following Jesus every where you go, no matter what time of day it is.
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