What a Ride!

imageI’m in awe of the ocean. And recently there was even more reason to be. This past Friday a big wave surf contest was held at Half Moon Bay, California called the Maverick’s Invitational. Some of the waves during this contest were higher than 40 feet and had the power to literally kill you.
Why go out in such conditions? One surfer put it this way, “If you want to experience the greatest wave of your life, you have to put yourself out there in uncomfortable positions.”
Believers in Jesus must have the same mentality. If we want to experience the greatness of our God, the one who created those enormous waves, we must allow the Spirit to move us out of our comfort zones of handling life our way.
Judges 4:5 reveals that it was after Barak entered the battle, not before, that the Lord routed his enemies. He had to leave the comfort of camp and enter the fight in order to see his God work.
Want to know that your God is real? Surrender the area of your life He’s been asking of you and let Him change your life. Apply your tools and you’ll go for one enormous ride.
“S”et Free Nowww

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