Enjoy the Moment

enjoy the momentWait a minute. Give it time. I know it’s coming. Bam. All of a sudden my 20 year-old daughter pounces on me. I knew it was coming as she had done the same to my wife the night before. Every now and then she needs to cuddle and pick on her pa. And you know what? I absolutely positively love every second of it! I can’t get enough.
This is what life is all about – hanging with and making an impact on my children. I was reminded of that fact this morning as I was thinking about all the things I could be doing on my day off. Then I filtered this thought through the scriptures the Spirit has built into my shield of faith. The outcome enabled to enjoy the moment. There is going to be plenty of time to do those things later, especially as I know in the not so far future she will leave the nest.
This illustrates a point for all of us. We think so many things are important; and when they don’t happen, we feel frustrated, angry, disappointed or any other combination of emotions, all of which can lead us to our drugs of choice. We must choose to filter all our activities through Scripture if we want to keep experiencing the freedom Christ gives us. Often times what we think is important simply isn’t. As we realize this, we can relax and enjoy the moment.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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