Freedom is Yours!

freedom 2Dennis the Menace is a cartoon of very young blonde-haired boy who constantly gets into trouble. In the only frame of today’s strip he’s saying to his best buddy, Joey, “The best thing about the ‘New Year’ is we can just start over.”
The beauty of our offer and get forgiveness constantly tool is that we don’t have to wait until the new year to start over. We can start over every minute of every day. The second we blow it, we can get forgiveness. The moment someone hurts, we can forgive them. The instant the Spirit brings to our mind a hurt from our past – either done by or to us – we can get or give forgiveness to walk in freedom.
You don’t have to wait for freedom! It’s yours now in Christ. Guilt and pain are major causes for our drug taking – the choice to live our way rather than get closer to Jesus. Why continue to hurt or feel guilty when you have the tool to erase both? Freedom walking is our choice. I pray that you walk in it every single moment of 2014.
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