Shed Some Light

light in darkness“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light,” wrote Plato. Believers say the say the exact same thing a little differently, “I don’t want to deal with my ‘stuff’ because I’m afraid of what I’ll discover.” Or, “I have to deal with this myself because I’m afraid of what others might think.” Both attitudes leave us in the kind of darkness that destroys our peace and joy.
I recently came across the following story. A believer in Jesus was walking around life with a dark cloud hovering around them that only seemed to be getting darker. Their depression was going deeper by the day and their nightmares by night were ever increasing. Yet they finally realized that their way of handling the clouds and nightmares wasn’t working and in their weakness, Jesus could be their strength. They decided to take a walk with the Spirit by letting Him shine His light into the dark corners of their heart, which exposed the cause of their pain induced depression.
With a fellow believer’s help, this person then received the forgiveness Christ offered them, which broke centuries of bondage in their family and lifted the dark cloud from the mind and the weight from their shoulders.
As a result, this person began to experience the love, security and significance Christ came to give them because they had the faith to walk into the light of a loving God. Jesus, who is the light, is your friend (Jn. 15:15). It’s time to pick up your biblical tools by faith and let Him shed some light on your life that will disperse the darkness and make your step much, much lighter.
Today is the day to experience freedom. Get your BIG partner and shed some light into your life…now!
Set Free N“OWWW”

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