Open to the Son

open flowerIsn’t that a beautiful picture? This flower is just like the daisies my wife and I have in front of our house. As the sun rises, they begin open. As the day progresses, they open further and further until their pedals are fully extended outward. It’s almost like they are saying, “Come on in. I want more of this!” Then they begin to close as the sun sets and are fully closed by nightfall.
Shouldn’t we learn from my daisies and only open up to the light of the Son and close to the darkness of our enemy? Your daily success as a believer is based upon who you listen to throughout your day. I hope you’re spending time listening to Jesus in His Word and then meditating upon what He said throughout your day today. If not, darkness can creep in and ruin your day.
Decide right now to act like my daisies and chose to open yourself only to the Son, the one who can best meet your needs for love, security and meaning in life.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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