Not Fair or Is It?

not fairIn my BIG reading this morning I came upon an interesting passage. In 1 Kings 13, God sends an unnamed Judean prophet with a message to the Israeli King Jeroboam. God told the Judean prophet to return home by a different path without stopping to eat anywhere in Israel after giving the message.
Well on the way home an Israeli prophet stops him, says God told him to tell the Judean prophet to come eat at his home, which the Judean prophet does. At the meal the Israeli prophet told him he was going to die for disobeying God! How fair is that? Or is it?
The Judean prophet needed to keep up his shield of faith, regardless of who was speaking to him. He should have filtered what he heard this man say through this biblical filter. He died because he didn’t.
Was it fair? Fair or not there are dire consequences to letting down your shield of faith – the truths the Spirit gives you from the Word of God to fight off and filter out your enemy’s lies. Life isn’t fair, but just make sure you’re not the cause of your defeats. Keep your shield of up at all times, no matter who you’re talking to or where you’re at.
Set Fre“E” Nowww

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