resting“Now we who have believed enter that rest.” (Heb. 4:2) As I researched the word “rest” throughout both sides of the book, this is what I came to discover. One, the word means to stop working or to quit. Two, it means to trust in the promises of God. In Israel’s case, could He bring them into the Promised Land? Could He get them home? Some didn’t and rebelled by doing their own thing (wouldn’t stop working or quit their agenda) and ended up dying outside the land (Ps. 95; Heb. 4). Three, it is where Jesus will ultimately establish His throne (Ps. 132:14).
Rest for the believer today is the promise of life change. Do you believe that only Jesus, not your efforts, will make you closer to and more like Him, the One who holds all the good stuff you’re looking for in life? It’s as you focus on the truths, not your efforts or the lies in your head, the Spirit gives you that will bring you the life Jesus came to give. When you do, you will worship at the throne of Jesus.
If you want to live in freedom, it’s time for more faith, not more effort. Today ask the Spirit to increase your faith.
S“E”t Free Nowww

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