Vigilance to the Process

broken fenceI saw a fence just like the one pictured here. The owner of the home started out with a beautiful white fence in front of their home where its cross beams were inserted into the posts. Yet, I saw four white beams with one end inserted into a post while the other end was on the ground.
I’ll bet the owners were totally jazzed when they first put of this fence. They beamed with pride as their fence looked so good. But over time, without proper maintenance, the law of physics did their work. One by one the beams ended up on the ground due to weather conditions.
The law of physics comes into play with our walks with Christ as well. If we fail to stay focused on Jesus by using the process to become like Him each and every day no matter what time it is, our walks will also begin to fall apart.
Jesus said to be on the alert. We have an enemy that wants us to destroy our lives. And without proper vigilance to the process of life change, our lives will slowly fall apart. Bible Impact Groups are a tool to prevent such deterioration. They are not an accountability group to stop sinning. They are people holding each other accountable to the process of life change. BIGs promote vigilance to using your biblical tools. For without it, your life will fall apart just like that fence.
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