What Are You Storing?

brain storage deviceEver notice the amount of stuff (junk?) you collect or store in your garage or storage unit? In fact, I’ll bet there are items you’ve even forgotten about hidden away on some back shelf behind another item you might not have used in quite a while.
It’s these forgotten items stored away in your brain that can wreck havoc in your life. Ever find yourself doing something that you can’t remember why you did it; and in fact, didn’t even want to do it when you did it, but you did it anyway? It’s because you’ve got forgotten the lies stored away on some back shelf behind another forgotten item.
Don’t focus on your behavior. Remember only the truth, not hard work, will set you free. Allow the Spirit to uncover the lie behind your drug of choice, sinful behavior, so He can help you exchange it with the specific truths He gives you. For this to happen, the Spirit must shine His light on your storage device so you can discover what those hidden lies are so you can get rid of them and store the truth instead.
Want to become like Jesus? Then be willing to ask yourself, “So what am I storing?”
Se“T” Free Nowww

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