From Aloneness to the Alloneness

God's handsPrayer is, “about connecting to the awesome, fearsome, loving, ultimately ineffable Creator of the universe. Prayer is the periodic hopscotch to…the ultimate union. Prayer prefigures the conclusion of life and animates the path of life,” writes one rabbinical writer.
Prayer takes us beyond the realm of our challenges and drugs of choice, to the only One who can make us more like Jesus through them – the Source of Life and the Source of Power behind that Life – God Himself.
It takes us from feeling like we are alone (though in reality we are not) to the all Oneness of God. Are you not a secure child of God, made this way by faith in Jesus? Therefore, your God wants to hear from you not only today, but throughout your today. And your conversations with Him today only prepare you for when you leave this planet tomorrow.
“S”et Free Nowww

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