Yes, It Applies to You!

stop itThis past Saturday I heard the sickening sound of, “Watch out! Slow down!” and then crying from a frightened child. When I looked up from my yard work, I saw my next door neighbor talking to a driver who had blown the stop sign leading into our tract of homes. This driver had almost run over his son who was riding his skateboard in the street.
My neighbor took full responsibility for his son playing in the street; he simply wanted the driver to take responsibility for not stopping at the stop sign, which was there to protect the kids who play on our street.
This problem arose from another stop sign. This one is on the main street that leads up to the one that my fellow neighbors and I use to enter our housing tract. Many feel that stop sign is unnecessary as we live in a very rural area. Because of that feeling, many people blow through it almost every time they come to it.
The problem with blowing through this particular stop sign is that it trains the brain not to make the decision to stop at other stops signs, such as the one needed to protect the children on our street. Both stop signs are legal and should be obeyed, even though we all disagree with the placement of the first one. The point is that both stops are there and both should be stopped at, regardless of whether we feel one is justified and the other is not.
All Scripture is equally inspired and authoritative. Healthy believers don’t pick and choose which ones they will obey and which ones they will not. This mentality sets them up as God. And quite frankly, isn’t this our problem in the first place? My friend, if you want to live victoriously over your drug of choice, you’ll train your brain to stop at all the stop signs as they all apply to you!
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