Where to Dig

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA“That sure was a waste of time and effort!” I had dug in the wrong place and I knew better. I had a leak in one of two water lines in my backyard as there was a water mark on the surface of the soil surrounding one of my fruit trees.
After eliminating one line, I saw the water start bubbling up through the gravel. So I started digging where the water exited through the gravel, forgetting that underground water finds the weakest place to surface. This doesn’t mean, however, that’s where the leak is. I was digging in the wrong place!
It took about five minutes and ten shovels of dirt to realize my mistake. This was where the water was surfacing, not where it was leaving the plastic water line. I soon dug around the closest sprinkler head and lo and behold, there was the leak. I should have dug here first. If I had, I would have saved myself a lot of time and effort.
This is a great illustration of the “T” principle – transform your behavior by changing your thinking. Our sinful behavior, drug of choice, is simply where the lies (water) find access to the surface. Your behavior is not the problem, your thinking is.
Therefore, if you want to see permanent Christ-like life change, you must start digging at the source of the problem, your thinking. Let the Spirit of God dig up the lies in your thinking and repair those leaks with the truths He gives you from the Word. Digging anywhere else is simply a waste of time and effort.
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