Biblical Spam Filter

junk filterA good friend of mine and I were talking early this morning (5:30AM ugh!) about how we live in a polluted world. We weren’t talking about the ecology either.
We live in a heavily sin stained world where we’re surrounded by lies, even rationally driven lies, but lies none-the-less.
This doesn’t change the moment we’re born again either. We’re simply brand new fish swimming in the same cesspool of lies called this “world” where our old thought patterns are reinforced, leaving our old behaviors room to operate. These lies must filtered out.
The Word of God is our filter. It allows us to swim in a very small bubble of pure water in a much polluted world. The truths of God’s word act like my email server’s spam filter. It keeps hundreds of useless and harmful ads/emails from ever entering my brain as my eyes simply never see them. God’s truth filters out the polluted water so I can drink in the good stuff – Jesus.
There are times when unauthorized emails get through this filter though. I can easily spot them, however, and unsubscribe. Again, the Word of God becomes the filter to spot those unwanted emails and then in the Spirit’s power unsubscribe from them so I don’t have deal with them again in the future.
We live in a polluted world where harmful messages surround us each day. We must have a biblical spam filter in place to filter out those messages. We must be listening to Jesus in the Word for the specific truths needed to filter out the junk of this world so we can swim in the pure living and refreshing water of Jesus. We also need lie-fighting truths to spot and delete the messages that somehow get through our spam filter.
Reading through the Bible in a year has been a huge help in forming that small bubble around me as I swim in this world’s polluted system. It’s uncanny how what I’m reading in the Word is exactly what I need to keep drinking in Jesus throughout my day. How’s your time in the Word been today?
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