Leave You Behind

follow JesusW.E.B. Du Bois once said, “One of the most important things to remember is this: To be ready at any moment to give up what you are, for what you might become.” The Lord desires us to be like Him not just for the sake of being like Him, but because it means we’re getting and staying closer to Him. (James 4:8)
This reminds me of a story I recently heard. This person reverted back to their old way of handling life. As they were relating their story, they realized that one of two things happened. As their enemy’s darts were flying, they either lowered their shield of faith or it was too small. Either way, the flaming lies hit and they reacted to the situation with their drug of choice.
Yeah their old way brought immediate gratification, but the fallout has been both painful and embarrassing. They now have to burn the latter of the two into their memories. Do they like the results of handling this situation their way?
If not, it’s time to process the situation through their biblical filters. If they want to be closer to Jesus, they need to ask the Spirit why they dropped their shield, truths that would have helped them keep listening to and following Jesus, or what truths are needed to make their shield bigger?
When the Spirit shows them the answer, they have a decision to make. Will they choose to remember how good it felt in the short term or embarrassing it felt in the long term when the next decision presents itself? If they want long term enjoyment it’s time to apply the truths the Spirit gave them. Remember: each situation can bring you closer to Jesus, the source of the long term feel good, by leaving you behind.
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