Fight through Fear

imageWhat an interesting first day of Experience Israel 2014. At Independence Hall, we heard the story of one who said, “We don’t like having to send our children to the military. We want peace, but we do not apologize for wanting to live.” Fight through fear.
We met a Messianic family who reaches out to both Palestinians and Israelis with the love of Jesus…at a great cost. Intimidation tactics, physical threats and actual bodily harm have all been used against them to make them stop. Fight through fear.
We ended the day by visiting a military base and a museum that tells the story of Israel’s fight to exist both in the past and in the present. Fight through fear.
David Ortiz, a believer in Jesus, who faces tremendous amounts of persecution for his faith said, “You die each time you give into fear.” This made me stop and think. You die a little bit every time you let fear make your decisions? Wow. Then it hit me what he was trying to say. Fear keeps you from going forward towards Jesus, who is life. Thus, fear causes death as it separates you from The source of life.
Fear, not doubt, is the opposite of faith. Fear says, “I can’t take another step closer. It might hurt if I do.” Where doubt says, “I’m not sure if it will hurt, but I’m still going forward anyway. I’ve tasted Jesus and I want more.” Faith, trust, belief, whichever word you choose to use, draws you closer to Jesus as it enables to make healthy choices.
The Bible says that faith without works is dead, useless, has no value. If you say you believe in Jesus, you will fight through your fear and let Jesus run your life, not your fears. You will keep moving forward to get closer to and be more like the Jesus you say you believe in and love.
We don’t have to be afraid because of who our God is. As believers, Jesus paid the price for our right to eternal existence with Him today, tomorrow, and forever. Fight through your fears. Being believers in the Bible will bring persecution. Fight through your fears.
We don’t have to be afraid. Today is the day to exercise your faith. Jesus is well worth walking toward.
“S”et Free Nowww

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