The Real “Wow” Factor

imageThis is a picture of Caesarea where King Herod built one of the ancient world’s largest ports. In doing so, he was both cheap and vain.
He built to impress others, especially Caesar. Yet, he built these columns with cheap sandstone and then covered them with a plaster, which when dried looked like marble. Though cheaply built, he wanted that “wow” factor when his guests saw them.
How much of what we do is driven by such insecurity? We want to give off a strong and successful “wow” impression on the outside; yet live in fear of others discovering who we’re really like underneath!
Jesus came to give us security as children of God. Jesus looks past the “wow” factor to the real you and says, “I re-made and am re-making you in My image and still love and will love you every step of the way.”
My friends, use your biblical tools to be comfortable in our own skin. As this happens, you don’t need your drugs to prop you up. Jesus does. He gives you the power to hear and follow Him throughout your day, which results in strength and success – the real “wow” factor. He is the rock, the real foundation for feeling good about yourself, regardless of whether others are wowed or not.
“S”et Free Nowww

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