Defeat Me Now or Face me Later

imageimagePictured is Tel Hazor, a city that controlled a stretch of the famous Via Maris that ran from Babylon to Egypt. Joshua destroyed this city along with it’s king, Jabin.
Yet, Deborah and Barak defeated Jabin of Hazor not even 150 years later. Error? No. This story in Judges 4 illustrates the principle that if you don’t defeat your drug of choice now, you’ll face it again and again until you do.
Joshua took out all the major Canaanite players and turned the mop operations over to that generation and their children. But they didn’t finish the job. Why? This is where the second picture comes into play.
This area was very fertile. The people saw how good they had it, got tired of war and instead of cleaning out all the remaining nations Joshua left behind, they left certain cities alone or made slaves of the remaining ones. In other words, they settled for less than following what God said to do. They said, “God, my drug (way of handling life) isn’t that bad. I’ve had enough. I don’t want to fight anymore. I’m okay the way I am.” This left the door open for this Canaanite people to regroup and get even stronger down the line; thus, Jabin 2.
The moment you settle is the moment you decide to continue fighting this drug again. Maybe not today, but you will tomorrow. When the Spirit asks for an area of your life, He’ll continue to bring pressure to bear until He’s exchanged you and your way of living with Jesus.
Deal with it now or deal with it later, but you will deal with it. Choose to become more like Jesus today by using your biblical tools. This way you experience all the good stuff both now and later.
Set Free Now“W”w

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